Portable Stages for Small Outdoor Events: What You Need to Know

24th Apr 2024

Portable Stages for Small Outdoor Events: What You Need to Know

So, you've got a small outdoor event coming up, and you're wondering how to make it pop? Here's the deal: portable stages could be your secret weapon! They're like the Swiss Army knife of event setups – versatile, compact, and ready to rock any gig. But before you dive in headfirst, let's unpack what these stages are all about and why they're game-changers for events on the go. So grab a seat because we'll uncover everything you need to know about portable stages to make your outdoor event shine. Let's dive in!

What are Portable Stages?

Let's break it down: portable and modular stage platforms are like your event's trusty sidekick, ready to adapt to any setting quickly. Think of them as the chameleons of the stage world – they can transform from a simple platform to a full-fledged performance space in no time. Whether you're hosting a concert, a yoga session, or a community theater production, portable stages have your back. They're lightweight, easy to set up, and oh-so-versatile. Need a stage that fits snugly into a small backyard or a bustling park? No problem! Portable stages come in all shapes and sizes, making any variation the perfect portable stage for your outdoor event. So, if you're looking for a stage as flexible as your event plans, portable stages are the right fit. They're the MVPs of outdoor gatherings!

Benefits of Using Portable Stages for Small Outdoor Events

For small outdoor events, portable outdoor stages are absolute game-changers. Here's why they're preferred:

  • Flexibility: Portable stages can adapt to any outdoor space, whether a cozy backyard or a sprawling park. They give you the freedom to host your event anywhere. 
  • Ease of Setup: Portable stages are designed for quick and hassle-free assembly, saving you time and energy. Versatility: Portable stages can handle everything from live music performances to fitness classes. They're versatile enough to accommodate a variety of event types and activities.
  • Mobility: Need to move your stage to a different location mid-event? No sweat! Portable stages are lightweight and easy to transport, making venue changes a breeze. 
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to traditional stage setups, portable stages are often more affordable, making them a budget-friendly option for small-scale events.

Portable stages have many benefits, making them the ultimate choice for small outdoor events.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Portable Stage for Small Outdoor Events

Before you choose the perfect portable stage for your small outdoor event, consider these key factors.

Understanding Your Needs

By understanding your needs, let's lay the groundwork for choosing the right portable stage. Here's where we'll delve into the nitty gritty details to ensure the perfect portable stage for your outdoor event:

Event Type

Every event has its vibe, its energy. Whether you're planning a vibrant music festival or a serene yoga retreat, the type of event you're hosting plays a crucial role in determining the ideal portable stage. Drum risers are a perfect fit for a music event. Consider factors like the performance requirements and overall ambiance you want to create. By aligning the stage with the specific demands of your event, you'll ensure a seamless and memorable experience.

Audience Size:

Now, the crowd - the heartbeat of any event. Before selecting a portable stage, you must gauge your audience's size. Are you expecting an intimate gathering of close friends and family, or are you gearing up for a larger-scale event with hundreds of attendees? Understanding the audience size helps determine the appropriate stage dimensions and influences factors like seating arrangements, sightlines, and overall crowd management.


Let's talk numbers - because budgeting matters. Whether you're working with a shoestring budget or have more financial flexibility, it's crucial to establish clear financial parameters. By remaining mindful of your budgetary constraints, you'll ensure that your portable stage investment aligns with your financial goals while delivering top-notch performance and reliability.

Choosing the Right Stage

Selecting the right stage is key to setting the scene for success. Here's what you need to consider:

Stage Size

A modular stage system lets you customize the dimensions to fit your event like a glove. With 4x4 stage decks that seamlessly connect using wingnut technology, you can create a stage of any size imaginable. Say goodbye to those heavy stages limited to one event. With portable decks, you can make any stage size.


Quality materials make all the difference. Opt for stages crafted from high-grade materials like aluminum or steel that can withstand the rigors of outdoor use while maintaining their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. With sturdy construction and reliable craftsmanship, you can rest assured that your stage will stand the test of time.

Easy Assembly

Let's keep things simple, shall we? Choose a stage with accessible assembly features, such as adjustable legs and intuitive setup mechanisms. Say goodbye to complicated instructions and hello to hassle-free installation! With a stage that's a breeze to assemble, you'll spend less time wrangling with equipment and more time focusing on what matters most – creating unforgettable moments for your audience.

Highly Stable:

Stability is the name of the game when choosing portable stages. Look for features like a fifth-centered leg, which reduces deflection and bounce. The leg ensures a stable and secure platform for performances of all kinds. Whether rocking out to live music or striking a yoga pose, you can trust that your stage will provide a solid foundation for success. 

Weather Considerations

Outdoor events can be tricky with Mother Nature in the mix. That's why it's crucial to consider weather-resistant features when choosing a portable stage. From scorching sun to unexpected rain showers, your stage must handle everything. Look for stages made from durable materials that can withstand sunlight, moisture, and changing temperatures without compromising safety or performance. Investing in a weather-resistant stage will ensure your event runs smoothly, rain or shine!


We want everyone to enjoy themselves without any worries, right? That's why it's essential to prioritize safety features.

Here's the deal: many companies produce stages with angled legs. These specifically designed legs minimize lateral movement or swaying. The legs ensure the stage remains stable and secure, particularly during dynamic performances or when dealing with windy outdoor conditions.

Safety should be a top consideration when you're in the market for a portable stage. It's all about providing peace of mind and ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience!

Transport and Storage

Getting your portable stage from point A to point B should be easy. The beauty of portable stages lies in their convenience, including easy transportation and storage.

One of the main perks of portable stages is their portability. These stages are lightweight yet sturdy, which makes them a breeze to transport. Plus, most portable stages fold in half, making them compact and easily fit into vehicles or storage spaces.

So, whether you're hauling your stage to a park for an outdoor concert or stowing it away after an event, you'll appreciate the simplicity and ease of transport and storage. 


Portable stages offer a versatile solution for small outdoor events. Their flexibility, ease of assembly, and weather-resistant features make them indispensable assets for event planners and performers. Organizers can ensure a seamless experience for themselves and their audience by prioritizing stage size, material, and stability. With the right portable stage, outdoor events can thrive in any setting. Consider incorporating a portable stage into your setup next time you plan an outdoor gathering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are metric system measurements in centimeters?
121.92 cm x 121.92 cm, min height 10.16 cm, min height with legs 44.45 cm, max height 71.12 cm. weight 18 kg
How big can I make MyStage® ?
As big as you want. You can easily connect all 4 side of each 4’x4’ unit to create any size or shape using squares.
What is weight of MyStage® ?
The total weight of MyStage® is 40 lbs.
What are the load ratings ?
Please see our technical tab here with all the weight load ratings and certifications.
Can 1 person set up MyStage® ?
Yes one person can easily set-up MyStage® in about 1 minute, no tools required and can connect as many units as needed. See video here.
What color options or finishes are available ?
We only have the black diamond plate aluminum decks available. There is an option to apply a smooth surface and other options aftermarket. Please contact MyStage® for more information here.
Do you Deliver internationally ?
Yes please contact MyStage® to get international shipping estimates.
How do I order wholesale ?
Please contact us directly here.
Does MyStage® have a guarantee ?
Yes MyStage® offers a guarantee for manufacturers defects. please click here for details.
Can I purchase a custom shaped stage ?
No, only 4’x4’ squares are available.