MyStage: 10 units in a row not connected
MyStage: making level
MyStage: disconnect shoulder strap
My Stage: connecting multiple units with wing nut& bolt
MyStage: storage overhead2
MyStage: 10 units in broom closet
MyStage: breaking down a unit
MyStage: storage in a broom closet 2
MyStage: quickly breaking down a MyStage
MyStage: skateboarding on mystage 2
MyStage: moto showing stable & strong low pro
MyStage: view underneath connected multiple units skirt
MyStage: 8 units with ramp and skirt
MyStage: max height
MyStage: walking up ramp stability
MyStage: changing into T shape
MyStage: unwrapping brand new out of box
MyStage: taking out of car shoulder strap
MyStage: 4 units leveled at the park
MyStage taking out of car shoulder strap MP4
MyStage: slide under couch
Setup Mystage
MyStage intro
MyStage: motorcycle riding on MyStage side view
MyStage: motorcycle parked on stage
MyStage: 10 units not connected 2