The Worlds Most Portable & Versatile Stage
Create a flat, level, stable surface in seconds nearly ANYWHERE

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  • Ultra lightweight: Each Mystage weighs in at less than 30lbs, this 4’ x 4’ stage is light enough to carry with you anywhere and strong enough to withstand your hardest workout or heaviest drum set. After it’s over, pack it up and hit the road.
  • Strong: Each Mystage supports up to 500lbs/ 4’ x4’ square.
  • Easy: The shoulder strap makes carrying the 4’ x 4’ x 6 inch suitcase style stage a breeze.
  • Small enough to fit into the trunk of most cars, and takes up minimal space for storage.
  • Push buttons fold the legs and extend to any height up to 18 inches tall and sets up in seconds to make flat level surface on a slope or uneven terrain.
  • Stable: Unique design creates nearly no lateral movement, deflection or bounce.
  • Versatile: Easy to connect squares can create any size stage in multiples of 4’x4’ in seconds. and the unique leg design allows you to set up on nearly any terrain.

1 my stage is perfect for personal stage, performances, public speaking, meditation. exercise. 4 feet x 4 feet and from 3 inches (flat) up to 18 inches (fully extended)


2 my stages are perfect for yoga, pilates, personal performances, small stage 4’ x 8’


4 my stages are the perfect drum riser, also makes a great stage for small band, or performance.


8 my stages create a 16’ x 8’ stage perfect for bands, dance, martial arts, demonstrations and theatrical performances

100 Stages - No problem

My Stage

Pre-order yours today! Price $400/ my stage (4' x 4')

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