Testimonial 5

MyStage was my choice for our outdoor church services! When I met them at NAMM 2020 I was immediately taken away by ease of transportation, compact storage, lightweight and adjustable height! These four features made MyStage the clear choice!

Luis S., San Diego, CA

Worship Director, Casa de Oracion Iglesia Cristiana (Discipulos de Cristo)

Testimonial 4

“ They work great”  “Thank you” 

Jeremy B.

Church Director of Ministry

Testimonial 3

“I’m both a drummer and a videographer. The 4×4 MyStage is going to assist me in both arenas! I thank YOU for coming up with something that is price-competitive and innovative! I’m in awe about this, for I’ve been breaking my back using my own home-made riser platform and it’s been a chore to haul is around.”

Chris B, Nashville TN


Testimonial 2

“they level up on my uneven driveway so easy” 

Jeff S, Tacoma, WA

Event Production

Testimonial 1

“MyStage is great!, Thank you for a great product”

Neil P, Orlando FL