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Explore the only portable stage where you can craft any shape and size you want providing the utmost stability quickly with no tools. At MyStage, we understand the unique needs of event professionals, performers, and creatives. That's why we've designed the ultimate portable stage system. Also, browse for accessories or package deals.


Portable Stages - Designed for Seamless and Smooth Performance

If you're in the market for a portable stage or drum riser that offers ease of use, strength, stability and versatility, look no further than MyStage®. Our portable stages are specifically designed to provide a flat, level and stable surface in no time, virtually anywhere. Weighing in at only 40lbs (18 kg), MyStage® is the world's lightest portable stage and drum riser, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a solution that is both lightweight and highly portable.

Our portable drum risers are built to the highest standards, ensuring that they are not only lightweight and portable, but also incredibly durable and easy to set up. Made from high-grade materials and equipped with heavy-duty locking mechanisms, your MyStage® portable staging will help you deliver the perfect performance every time. With MyStage® drum riser, you can create a flat, level and stable surface in seconds, giving you the freedom to perform with confidence, no matter where you are.

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Our portable stages are specifically designed that folds in to half and comes with a shoulder strap, making them easy to carry. Our durable stages are competitively priced and come with all the parts and accessories, making the installation quick.

You can combine multiple stage pieces, adjust height, include guardrails and add risers to cater to a large audience. So, stock our stages and get ready for a powerful performance. Our stages are:

  • Available in multiple sizes and fit easily with one another as per your needs.
  • Made from high grade Aluminum; so they are strong.
  • Create a flat, level surface.
  • Save stage setting time.

We have got everything for your event staging. Whether you need a single MyStage 4'x4' portable deck piece or multiple MyStage decks to create a spacious 8'x12' platform, we have got it all. You can also shop for railings, stairs, skirting and other accessories to create an elevated staging.

Our portable MyStage decks are a perfect solution for Churches, DJ’s, Drummers, Schools, Bars & restaurants, Corporate events, Trade Shows, Outdoor performances, Yoga & Fitness instructors, Musicians, Theatre groups, Camping, and many other uses. So, no need to spend your valuable money and time on expensive sets. Choose our economical and quality decks and create an elevated platform.

Explore our portable staging for sale at MyStage® and order yours today. Stock the best stage for your event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are metric system measurements in centimeters?
121.92 cm x 121.92 cm, min height 10.16 cm, min height with legs 44.45 cm, max height 71.12 cm. weight 18 kg
How big can I make MyStage® ?
As big as you want. You can easily connect all 4 side of each 4’x4’ unit to create any size or shape using squares.
What is weight of MyStage® ?
The total weight of MyStage® is 40 lbs.
What are the load ratings ?
Please see our technical tab here with all the weight load ratings and certifications.
Can 1 person set up MyStage® ?
Yes one person can easily set-up MyStage® in about 1 minute, no tools required and can connect as many units as needed. See video here.
What color options or finishes are available ?
We only have the black diamond plate aluminum decks available. There is an option to apply a smooth surface and other options aftermarket. Please contact MyStage® for more information here.
Do you Deliver internationally ?
Yes please contact MyStage® to get international shipping estimates.
How do I order wholesale ?
Please contact us directly here.
Does MyStage® have a guarantee ?
Yes MyStage® offers a guarantee for manufacturers defects. please click here for details.
Can I purchase a custom shaped stage ?
No, only 4’x4’ squares are available.