8’x28’ Portable Stage (16 MyStage decks)


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8'x28' Portable Stage Features:

  • 16 My Stages can be configurued in multiple ways 16'x16' or 12' x 20' with 1 unit as ramp or step up
  • MyStage is the perfect fit for anyone who has to haul & set up their own gear or storage space is an issue
  • MyStage can be stacked and stored on a 2'x4' footprint and carried transport and set up by 1 person with no tools required.
  • Lightweight and durable Portable Stage made from high grade Aluminum.
  • Create a flat, level and stable surface nearly anywhere in seconds.
  • Quickly connect the units in any size or configuration unsing wingnuts and bolts included
  • Made from high grade Aluminum is light and durable.
  • Competitively priced

Please read the instructions to have a full understanding of the operating instructions and weight load information before using this product. Do not allow children or untrained persons to set up or use this equipment if unattended by the purchaser.

MyStage® LLC offers a 60-day warranty from the date of purchase with the following provisions. Must show proof of purchase limited to Authorized MyStage® Dealers. The warranty covers manufacturing defects only.

This warranty is void if the product has been resold, tampered with or misused beyond reasonable wear resulting in physical damage. Improper handling, set-up, or use exceeding the weight recommendations could cause the unit to fail, which may lead to injury or death.

There are no obligations of liability on the part of MyStage® LLC for any personal injuries, death, consequential damage or any other indirect damages concerning any loss of property, revenues, profit, or costs of removals, installations or re-installations arising out of, or in connection with the use or performance of any MyStage® product.

Please email Info@mystagecorp.com for more details.